Trying to live up to our society's ideas of beauty can be exhausting for young women in NZ. So some of the guys in the Attitude decided to try understand a female's world a little bit by creating the #makeupchallenge.


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Here's how you can stay connected with us after seeing a presentation... without following us home. The best place to stalk talk to us is on our Facebook page. You can check out where we have been, what we have been up to and watch the videos we create. 


Attitude for your little sister

If you have seen an Attitude presentation and you are related to someone then this is for you. If you are thinking "that's all of us" then you probably passed NCEA last year. Attitude love talking to young people in high schools but now we want to speak in intermediates and we need your help. Any support you give us, will help us support New Zealand young people.



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Most embarrassing story: Where do I start? When I was growing up I was short, chubby and bald. Kind of like an Umpa Lumpa...


What has the been the highlight of your year?