Our team


Nathan May

National Attitude Manager

Nathan initially joined the Attitude team as a presenter in 2009 and has spoken to over 130,000 students throughout New Zealand. He has worked for a variety of organisations including Vodafone and World Vision. He has worked alongside young people for over 16 years, and has a deep passion for Aotearoa. His hope is to see young people throughout Aotearoa live fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Zara Maslin

Attitude High School Manager

Zara joined the Attitude team at the beginning of 2015. Her background in youth mental health provides her with genuine insight into the struggles of today’s youth and their huge need for hope and encouragement. She has a wholehearted desire to help young people discover their potential and embrace it in a way that brings fun and fulfilment to their own lives and those of others.


Christian Gallen

National Trainer and Social Media Manager

Christian Gallen joined Attitude in 2009 after completing a BA in Te Reo Maori. Since then he has spoken to over 100,000 young people around NZ with his trademark positive and inspirational presenting style . Christian won an online talent search to become the Official Nitro Circus Tour Reporter in 2015 where he gained invaluable experience in social media.


Liz Alexander


Hailing from the wee town of Lawrence in Central Otago, Liz went on to travel across the Tasman with her prior job teaching dance, drama and musical theatre. Over seven years she worked in Auckland, Sydney and Perth teaching students aged 2-33. This gave her a great foundation for understanding young people and conveying information to them. For Liz, one of the best things about working with youth is seeing their eyes come alive when they ‘click’ with a concept or an attitude.


Allenzo Tamatoa


Having presented well over a thousand presentations to over 200,000 students for Attitude, Allenzo is one of our most experienced presenters. A seasoned creative, he has done everything from representing New Zealand at the word hip hop dance champs to more recently, dominating the New Zealand battle rap scene. He communicates powerfully by drawing from his own life experiences to speak hope into the lives of young people.


Nathaniel Kandregula


Nathaniel started working for Attitude in January 2015, coming from a background in youth leadership. He was head boy at his high school, giving him the chance to stand as a role model for other young people. Nathaniel is excited to be part of the organisation that helped him come out of his shell and be more confident personally through the presentations he heard as student.


Phil Baker


Phil grew up in semi-rural Canterbury and joined the South Island Attitude team in 2015 after a three years of study in Christchurch. Prior to that he spent several years doing youthwork in Canada and backpacking around the globe. This life experience combined with his communication skills have set him up to be an engaging speaker and expert storyteller.


Brayden Murdoch


Brayden has a background in in youth work and youth leadership. He is passionate about communication and helping young people with the challenges life can bring. Brayden is excited to be  working for The Parenting Place and having the opportunity to build his own communication skills and encourage youth all over New Zealand with a compelling and positive message. 


Tamatea Wihongi


Tamatea joined the Attitude team in 2017. He has a background in youth work with 24/7 Youth Work mentoring young people. Tamatea is an enthusiastic presenter who is passionate about seeing young people achieve their dreams and live lives they are proud of. 


Tony O’Rourke


Tony has been part of the team since January 2017. Prior to that Tony spent close to 10 years involved in youth work all across Auckland, from working in youth justice facilities to teaching music at intermediate schools. Tony has a passion for seeing young people succeed, and this passion makes for a powerful communicator.

Emma Robertson


Emma has been with Parenting Place since 2017. She has a big heart for empowering young people to see their potential and encourage them to achieve whatever greatness they have to offer the world. Emma grew up on the east side of Christchurch and has worked in several NGO’s as a youth worker in her community and beyond. She has gained valuable insight into the lives of young people which helps her understand and relate to the positive messages we communicate.


Robbie Baker


Robbie joined the Attitude team in Auckland at the beginning of 2018 after moving up with his wife from sunny Nelson. Robbie has a background in youth work, working within Nelson schools for several years. He believes in the young people of Aotearoa, and dedicates much of his time trying to encourage today’s young people to live lives filled with purpose and a strong connection to their local community.


Rory Smith


Rory joined the Attitude team as a presenter in 2018. Coming from a background of youth work and science, Rory studied biochemistry while working for 24/7 Youth Work. Rory graduated and became the only Attitude presenter in history to have worked in a milk laboratory. He then realised young people are way more fun than milk – even if it is blue top – and has become a passionate communicator and is dedicated to encouraging young people throughout Aotearoa.


Jannah Hibberd


Jannah grew up in the town of Porirua, home of the Whittaker’s Chocolate Factory. She has a degree in talking (more commonly known as Communications), has worked at Camp America, been a P.E. teacher in Spain, taught dancing in the jungles of Thailand and most recently, salsa danced her way into the Attitude team in as an Intermediate Attitude Presenter. She loves helping young people to dream big!

Angelina McLean

Community Partnership Coordinator and South Island Coordinator

Angelina joined the Parenting Place team in 2017 in a Community Relationships role for Intermediates. Before joining the Attitude team she managed a youth trust and has worked in the youth sector for 15 years. Angelina has a strong focus on positive outcomes for Maori and Pasifika, is passionate about grass roots youth development and is a Youth Work Supervisor and Strengths Finders coach. 


Lex Mawson

Community Relationships Coordinator

Lex has re-joined the Attitude team after spending time in the fashion industry and seeing how valuable the life messages given through the Attitude programme truly are. With a background in youth work as well as over ten years’ experience as a communicator Lex is a relatable and dynamic presenter.