Behind the scenes with Attitude

By James Beck

February 19 2015

Haere mai, welcome to the Attitude blog. Your most up to date dose of what’s happening in the Attitude universe. This is the closest you can get to being behind-the-scenes at Attitude without hacking into our webcams.

We will use this blog for all sorts of things, like telling you what’s been going on, sharing funny stuff from the internet and giving you advice on how to navigate those awkward bus trips to school.

So, what’s been going on I hear you ask.

Well, heaps, thanks for asking. Over the past month we have been enjoying the sun and growing beards. Some new people started at Attitude too (a couple of them were too lazy to grow beards)


Meet Liz, Nate and Zara. They will be hitting your school halls and cracking jokes about your mum and that time that their friend Charlie wet his pants at his friends house. Hard hitting stuff. Liz grew up in the South Island in a little town called Lawrence. Nate grew up in West Auckland and Zara grew up on the tough streets of West Christchurch where everyone owns a cat.

Now I hear you saying “give me some tips, this bus ride is getting awkward”

Mates, BFFs, homies, pals, uso’s, my girls, da boyz, that stick you named Gareth… whatever you call them, they are your friends. Sometimes it’s not as easy as accepting a friend request to actually make a good, quality friend. We all know what it’s like to want to fake sickies everyday so we can stay home and watch another riveting episode of Jeremy Kyle. Sometimes that is more bearable than spending lunchtimes alone when you have no mates. If you want to make some good friends at school and on the bus, then our best tip for you is this: Be Friendly.

Top 5 ways to be friendly

  • Smile. Not too gummy, not too toothy, not too creepy. Just friendly.
  • Make eye contact (note: not physical contact with eyes)
  • Raise eye brows + sniff + head nod = friendly combo of friendliness
  • Say something friendly like “Hi, I’m friendly”
  • Compliment people eg. “Hey you, congratulations on your face”

Ultimately the best thing you can do is take the risk and be friendly. Because friendly people always have friends.

Come back to the blog soon to see more funny cat pictures, photos and videos of us visiting your school, advice for surviving school and the occasional competition.

Stay classy New Zealand.

James Beck

Senior presenter and South Island coordinator, James Beck joined Attitude in 2007 with over two years’ experience working alongside young people. James’ interest in and engagement with youth culture (he an active member of three bands) is key to his ability to relate to a young audience. He is strongly motivated to help youth realise their full potential, and sincerely inspires them to do so. James has delivered presentations to over 200,000 young people nationwide.

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