How To Gain More Followers

By Christian Gallen

December 12 2016

Mates, BFFs, homies, uso’s, my girls, da boyz, that stick you named Gareth… whatever you call them, they are your friends. You might want some one day. You might want some friends right now.

Making new friends is not that easy. If you want to gain more followers then you can spend a while adding friends online and hoping they follow you back. You can make crack up videos so people want to follow you. You could be the admin of a dank meme page. But accepting a friend request isn’t actually the same as making a good quality friend. A Follow-for-follow doesn’t provide you with that security of knowing you’ve got a friend who will always take your side no matter what. That’s what we all really want.

If you want to make some good quality friends at school and in the holidays then we have some super simple tips for you. Well, it’s basically just one tip. But it’s the most important tip on making new friends. You’ll need to be a little bit brave, and you will have to try it without your device. Face to face with real, potential new mates. The most important tip is this:
Be Friendly.


1) Smile. Not too gummy, not too toothy, not too creepy. Just friendly.

2) Make eye contact (note: not physical contact with eyes)

3) Raise eye brows + sniff + head nod = friendly combo of friendliness

4) Say something friendly like “Hi, I’m friendly”

5) Compliment people eg. “Hey you, congratulations on your face”

Ultimately the best thing you can do is take the risk and be friendly.
Because friendly people always have friends.



Christian Gallen

Christian Gallen joined the Attitude team in July 2009 after completing a BA in Te Reo Maori. Christian’s performance and speaking ability has been honed through his involvement in various bands and speaking engagements.

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