Presenting Your New Presenter: ANGELINA

By Barry White

October 10 2017

Let us introduce you to Angelina aka ‘Lina’ aka ‘not Ange’ aka ‘New Zara’ aka ‘The Pride of Temuka’

She’s joined the Christchurch chapter of the Attitude gang and we are so stoked to have her patched up with us. Angelina has been the queen bee of youth work for years and she will continue her reign from her new throne in the Attitude office. So apart from mixing gang, bee and monarchy analogies… she will be supporting the Attitude presenters around the South Island. Now let’s learn some more juicy and personal goss about her without scrolling 2 years deep into her Insta account:

Why do you want to work at Attitude?
Because I’ve seen the difference they have been making in young people’s lives in Aotearoa and thought I would love to be a part of that.

What Attitude topic would you have loved to hear as a student?
Hauora that talk is just wisdom for ev’rything yo.

What’s your most embarrassing moment at school?
The time I forgot my speech, walked off stage crying and cuddle my teacher for support. Oh Year 12 you were cruel.

The only job better than an Attitude presenter would be…?
The dancer on all of Sia’s music videos

If you had a theme song you could walk out onto stage to… what would it would be?
This is how we do it – Montell Jordan

What TV show competition do you think you could win?
Hunger Games is that on TV yet, have applications opened? Nah Amazing Race.

Top 5 Tips On Being More Awesome

1) Dance like everyone is watching
2) Laugh until you pee your pants
3) Don’t hug strangers thinking they are your mum
4) Actually always wear your glasses so you don’t hug strangers.
5) Always laugh really loud at your own jokes

Top 5 hashtags that describe you
1) #likeforlike
2) #tagsforlikes
3) #likeforatbh
4) #followback
5) #waitaminutewhat’sahashtagandhowdoesitevenwork?

Top 5 animals to have as pets
1) Dragons
2) Dragon Eggs
3) Dragons
4) Dragon Eggs
5) A flightless bird

Angelina is a lady-bawse and is already an absolute asset to the gang!

Barry White

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