Presenting Your New Presenter: TAMA

By Christian Gallen

March 9 2017

The Attitude team of 2017 is absolutely stacked with talent! Tama is the latest superstar to join the squad

Let us introduce you to our number one draft pick for the South Island this season. Tamatea Wihongi is a dynamic presenter on stage and an absolute machine off the court as well. He has spent the last couple of years as a 24/7 Youth Worker at Linwood College and loves basketball with the burning passion of a thousand suns. To get to know the man who is going to do some serious damage (in a positive, best-practice, strength based way) we asked him some important questions.

Why do you want to be an Attitude presenter?
To encourage our rangatahi in many all areas of their wellbeing. I want to let them know there’s more to life than just being really, really good at basketball. But that’s important too.
provoke their thoughts about their own lives.

What Attitude topic would you have loved to hear as a student?
Do we have one about basketball? No, then probably the drug and alcohol one. I had some pretty rough experiences around that stuff based on my upbringing… so that would have been so helpful for me and my whanau.

What’s your most embarrassing moment at school?
Well, I wet my pants once. In assembly. Sitting on the floor. And the puddle spread towards the other kids. That’s not the type of legacy you want to leave behind.

What are you worse at than anyone else?
I’m not very good at being able to do anything that requires balance cause the Lord done blessed me with only 9 toes bruh #UUUUUNLUGGYUCE

The only job better than an Attitude presenter would be…?
NBA player who spits hot as mix tapes

If you had a theme song you could walk out onto stage to… what would it would be?

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme Song hands down!!! In West of Christchurch born and raised… on a farm is where i spent most of my days…

What TV show competition do you think you could win?
Wipeout. I’d be so good at wiping out. I have no balance. Refer to the answer about only having 9 toes.

Top 5 Tips On Being More Awesome
1) Be humble (I’m the best at that)
2) Surround yourself with epic people
3) Don’t wet your pants in assembly
4) Get out of your comfort zone
5) Play basketball

Top 5 hashtags that describe you
1) #Blessings
2) #Dabnation
3) #Lakernation
4) #AwwwwGummon
5) #toegoals

Top 5 animals to have as pets
1) Meerkat
2) Sloth
3) Platypus
4) Dugong
5) Moa

We can’t wait to send Tama out into schools to inspire students all over the country, check out the school canteens and jam some 1 on 1 with the teachers. Look out for him in your community and when you see him make sure you give him a high five and say “Kia ora”.


Christian Gallen

Christian Gallen joined the Attitude team in July 2009 after completing a BA in Te Reo Maori. Christian’s performance and speaking ability has been honed through his involvement in various bands and speaking engagements.

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