Presenting Your New Presenter: EMMA

By Barry White

January 17 2018

New Year, New Presenter. Our resolution is to be more like Emma. She is an absolute delight to have around

We are so proud to announce the safe arrival of Emma, the newest member of the Attitude family. She is the little sister that we never knew how much we needed. We can’t wait to see her achieve some key milestones as a presenter like her first time a student recognizes her at the mall and doesn’t say anything, just films her secretly and follows her around for a while.

We asked her a bit about herself so that you don’t have to lurk at the mall to find out more about this Aranui-raised communicator.

Why do you want to work at Attitude?
Oh man, it’s gonna sound so cheesy but I think the young people of Aotearoa are capable of creating greatness now and in the future. But I reckon that only happens when we work towards being the best version of ourselves. And Attitude has rad tips to help do that.

What Attitude topic would you have loved to hear as a student?
Hands down Hauora – 15 year old me would have been way less socially unco if I had some tips on my wellbeing.

What’s your most embarrassing moment at school?
The contents of my bag scattered in front of the school bus full of students. Aaaand the contents of my bag contained my undies… I dropped my undies in front of a bus load of students =(

The only job better than an Attitude presenter would be…?
A roller-coaster designer. Or an astronaut. Or a roller-coaster-designing-astronaut.

If you had a theme song you could walk out onto stage to… what would it would be?
Wannabe by Spice Girls #ziggyzigah

Describe your arch nemesis
It would be a zombie dog that has wheels for legs and can climb trees. That would be unstoppable.

Top 5 Tips On Being More Awesome

1) Never say “yes” just raise your eyebrows and give a thumbs up
2) Hide above door frames and drop behind people after they walk through the door
3) Memorize the lyrics to a difficult rap song
4) Offer to brush other peoples teeth
5) In the wise words of the philosopher Kendrick Lamar: Be Humble

Top 5 Modes Of Transport For Getting Between Classes
1) Heelies
2) Handstand walk
3) Wheelbarrow race
4) Teleport
5) Uncoordinated jiggle

Top 5 animals to have as pets
1) Flying Bison (like Appa from the Last Airbender)
2) A cheeky little Capuchin Monkey
3) Tiger
4) E.T
5) Panda

After spending just one minute with Emma you might just give her the title of most positive person on the Attitude team. We can’t wait until every student in Aotearoa gets to be inspired by her positive outlook and passion for life!

Barry White

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  1. Georgie Hawke says:

    Hey Emma. Thanks so much for your inspirational talk at Timaru Girls High today. I learnt so much from you.You made it EPIC and so much fun. It seems like such a awesome job to have,it has made me realise I would love to do something like this in the future. What qualifications do you need to be able to do your job? I would love to know as it will help me choose my school subjects in the future. Thanks so much again hope to see you again next year! From Georgie Hawke

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