Attitude offers seven different presentations which are usually delivered to assemblies or large groups in a one-hour school period. We understand that the medium is the message, so not only are our presentation techniques excellent, but the presenters themselves are selected for their ability to connect with young people.


We introduce the concept of holistic wellbeing and cover the four main aspects of this; the physical, mental, spiritual and social sides to every teenager. This programme gives young people ideas on how to tackle their teenage years and become the best version of themselves that they can be.



Online safety and citizenship

Connected helps young people reflect on how technology influences their lives, and encourages them to become positive cyber citizens and to seek a healthy balance between the online and offline worlds. Text bullying, online addiction and cyber safety are covered.

Get a Life

Get a Life

Families and parents

This presentation gives young people an insight into their current family dynamic, and offers ideas on how to get on better with family members. It teaches positive ways of becoming independent from parents.



Drugs, tobacco and alcohol

We address the issues that cause people to develop habits, and give ideas on how to assess risks, make positive decisions, deal with peer pressure and overcome addictions.

Sex with Attitude

Sex and relationships

We discuss the emotional and social aspects of sexuality and provide a decision-making guide to relationships. The programme covers the benefits of postponing sexual involvement, and how to set boundaries. It challenges teenagers to think about the options for their future.

Sex with Attitude 2

Sex and relationships part 2

This is a guide to building and maintaining healthy relationships, offering ideas on dealing with peer pressure and coping with break-ups.



ChoicesAttitude presentation

This presentation offers practical advice on how to get through the hard chapters of life and delivers the ‘life messages’ teenagers need to grow mental and emotional resilience. It covers the importance of making positive decisions, and how to build the four cornerstones of a meaningful life.


The Pits

Mental health

This is a basic overview of how the brain works and a survival kit for handling stress, depression and the tough times in life. This presentations aims to normalise common mental health issues and give practical solutions of how to get help.