Programme components

The following components are available for each topic:

Student assemblies

Attitude’s inspiring presentations win the attention of young people through humour, storytelling, bright visuals and up to date, relevant content.

Child and parent evenings

Child and parent evenings build upon the information delivered in Attitude assemblies and resources, further equipping youth and encouraging their parents with skills and strategies developing positive family relationships. 

Student workshops

Presenter-led workshops provide students with kinetic learning opportunities to better absorb the positive messages delivered in our assembly presentations.

Student workbook

The ‘Being Me’ workbook addresses four key topics . Each topic includes ten pages of content including activities, stories, quotes, and homework. The flexible format allows teachers to explore concepts in-depth or jump in and out of topics as needed.

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Professional learning development

Teachers play a vital role in guiding young people towards a positive future, and building positive teacher student relationships has significant behavioural and learning benefits. These sessions provide teachers with an overview of the Being Me resource, lesson ideas and inspiration for teaching health. 

Supporting resources