For students


Need some help?

If the pain of life gets too much, then throw out an S.O.S. These are some people who would love to hear from you and help get your life back on track.

An adult you trust
This stage of your life can be very confusing. Sometimes things can be very upsetting, very painful but very NORMAL. It can be hard sorting out the stuff that is really serious. Even though most adults tend to dress terribly and listen to the wrong radio stations, they have at least survived their own adolescence. Parents, relatives, teachers, friends: there will be someone worthy of your trust.

School counsellors
The idea of confiding personal things to someone at school may be scary – but it shouldn’t be. School counsellors are trained and discrete. If your school doesn’t have a counsellor, find another adult you can trust.

Doctors or a school nurse
You might just think of a doctor as someone who fixes bodies. But they are trained to treat the whole person, including your mind. They also know who to refer you on to if you need more specialised help. Seeing a doctor would be especially wise if you are depressed, anxious or have a problem with drugs or a eating disorder.

If you are stuck and desperate, don’t hesitate: get on a phone and call Youthline. In 30 seconds you can be talking to a sympathetic person who is willing and able to help. Phone 0800 376 633 or free text to 234.