About Attitude Programmes for Schools

Attitude is New Zealand’s largest external health education provider. Attitude was founded in 1996 and is dedicated to building resilient young people and reinforcing the positive messages they already hear from their parents, teachers and community. Delivering inspiring presentations in more than 400 New Zealand high schools and intermediates annually, Attitude impacts approximately 275,000 students each year.

The material used in our presentations and resources is founded on credible research and linked to the health curriculum. Attitude programmes are a unique mix of information, inspiration and humour, offering young people strategies for solving problems, handling stress, building resilience and negotiating relationships. By partnering with schools, youth workers and existing local programmes, Attitude also directs students to the support they might need.

In addition to our presentations, we have also produced a website and a range of handbooks and teaching resources which are highly innovative and youth-friendly. They complement our presentations and encourage great conversation between young people and the grown-ups in their lives. All our content is regularly evaluated and revised to address the changing needs of students.